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[ PSP Utilities - Requires custom firmware (OFW support coming soon!)]

PSP-FTPD v0.5.0: Download Adhoc File Transfer v0.1: Download PSP Filer v6.6: Download PSP FuSa Gamepad v0.3 Download

[ Custom Firmwares ]

PSP 6.61 PRO-C2: Download

[ Usage ]

Once the package is done downloading, exit out of the browser and go to the [GAME] -> MemoryStick icon -> OPEN PACKAGE
[ Notes ]
1. All custom firmware packages do not have the CIPL installer, to prevent accidental bricks.
[ Troubleshooting ] Error Codes: PKG001: The package download was corrupted, you will need to re-download it again. PKG002: The package could not be read. PKG003: The package manager could not installed the package. PKG004: The package manager was not able to exit properly.